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Bee Bee Tree
     US Forestry

     4H Beekeeping
     10 urban beekeeping tips will make you a better beekeeper
     History of Modern Beekeeping in WV
     Helpful hints for beekeepers
     How to get started keeping bees

Colony collapse disorder (CCD)
     How CCD Works

Crops Pollinated by Honeybees

Daily Green, The save the bees project

Interesting Facts About Honey

Health of Honeybees
     Nosema Disease
     Parasite Fly

Helping Honeybees
     Backyard Beekeeper
     Beekeeper Immunity Bill for WV
     Buckwheat for the Bees and the Birds
     Dear Neighbor
     Gardeners can be Beekeepers

Honey Show: Honey and Baking Show Rules

Master Beekeeper
     EAS Master Beekeepers Certification Program
     Study Guide for Written Exam
    GA Master Beekeeper Program
    NC Master Beekeeper Study Guide

     Treatment Grid

     Queen of the Sun, trailer
    Secret Life of Bees
    Silence of the Bees
    Ulee's Gold
    Vanishing of the Bees

Plants for Honeybees

Pollen Chart

Prehistoric Honeybees
     Apis lithohermaea aka giant Honeybee of Japan
     North America
     Oldest fossil bee

Reading Material
     American Bee Journal 1861 - 1900
     Beekeeper Reads the Paper. CCD
     Hive Mind
     Small Scale Beekeeping
     WVU Extension Service - BEES


     Swarm Management
     Swarm Prevention

    Extracted grades of Honey
    Honeybee Diseases

     UGA Honey Bee Program

West Virginia Department of Agriculture
     Bee Liability Law

     Apiary Registration
     Honey Cookbook
     WV Beekeepers Guide

WV University Extension Service
     Mite Control in Honey Bees
     Information on various types of bees

You Tube
     Giant honey bees - Life in the Undergrowth - BBC Sir David Attenborough
     Honey Bees - Life Cycle
     Killer bees - don't provoke an attack - Ultimate Killers - BBC wildlife 
     Principals of Beekeeping : Bee hive construction
     Principals of Beekeeping : Feeding Kept Bees
     Principals of Beekeeping : Honey Bee Queens
     Principals of Beekeeping : How to Use a Bee Smoker

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