Have you ever entered a honey show. Many beekeepers exhibit their honey at various shows during the season. The honey shows consist of various categories covering all lefels of beekeepins skill. Beekeepers show their skills at honey presentation in all its forms, in wax presentation and baking with honey. Why not give it a try.

     All entries must be submitted by a current dues paying member of the WV Beekeepers Association. Only on entry in each class may be made by an individual family. Entries should not be labeled in any fashion. The exhibitor must choose which classes to place entries in. Judges may adjust classes at their discretion. Entries can only be made during the hours published. Entries must be left intact and on display until released by the show chairman. Honey and beeswax should be from current production season. A winning bakery recipe cannot be resubmitted for three years.Honey show rules may be downloaded from the WVBA website.

                                                                         GOOD LUCK !!!


 Click Here for Honey Show Rules


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