Evaluate last year and set goals for 2014.

 Order packages for desired delievery date. Check hive stores, feed if needed. 


Executive Board meeting February 8, 2014

 Inspect hives food supply, feed if needed. Check the hive for queen right and diseases. Move brood nest down, replace bad comb.  


 WVBA Spring Meeting Apri 5th, 8am Trinity Assembly of God, Fairmont, WV

  Inspect hives for congestion, good brood pattern. Prepare for swarming. Get supers ready for honey flow. 

Install package bees.

Remove any medications from hive.

 Supers ready for Tulip Poplar?

A swarm in May is worth a load of hay.

 Time to move out your spring honey. 

A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon.

 Executive Board Meeting June 7th 10am


 Super up for Sourwood.

Super up for Goldenrod. 


 Is your hive ready for winter?

 WVBA Fall Conference

Jackson's Mill

Sept. 19 - 20th

 Time to start removing medications.

 Think about Christmas gifts for your honey.  

Have you mailed in your Apiary Registration for 2015?




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