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       The purpose of the organization shall be to promote the general interest in the pursuit of bee culture. This is accomplished by promoting awareness about honey bees, their fight for survival, what can be done to aid their survival and the support of beekeepers. This is achieved through Newsletters, Spring and Fall Conferences, involvement with West Virginia Agriculture and Conservation Day at the Legislature activities which promote the honey bee and products of the hive, and far more widely via this website which has the power to reach a global readership.


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Agenda for Executive Board Meeting Nov. 7, 2015

Policy and Procedures Submitted June 6, 2015

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            Executive Board Meeting Rules of Order                                                                        

 Following are the rules of order for upcoming executive board meetings of West Virginia Beekeepers Association. New Business will be items posted on the agenda for the upcoming board meeting, as posted on the WVBA Webpage. This will allow ample time for representatives, and voting members to discuss the issues with their club members,and get input from said members. This will also allow for ample time to formulate their presentations in a concise and orderly format to be presented at the next meeting. Each voting member will be allotted 3-5 minutes for presentation, if they so desire. There will be no rebuttals, thus no opportunity for arguments, or denigration of previous presentations. After presentations, motion or action will be compiled in written form, to then be voted upon by voting members present. After new business is completed, a discussion period will take place, when items and issues for consideration at the next board meeting will ensue. These issues will be discussed as in previous manner, and voted upon by present voting members to decide whether these are to be on the agenda for next board meeting. This format allows for adequate time for discussion and input from all members of the Association, and if officers, representatives, and general membership are truly engaged,no one will be left out of the loop. Emergency or time sensitive issues can be added to the agenda at the discretion of officers and webmaster. The only item on the November 7th agenda thus far is Term Limits for officers of WVBA. Please discuss this item with others, and especially with your club members, and come prepared to make your presentation

                                  Paul Cappas
                                  President WVBA    

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