SAVE THE DATE FOR THE WVBA FALL MEETING SEPTEMBER 23RD AND 24TH. Dr. Clarence H. Collison, author of "What do You Know?" and numerous articles in Bee Culture will be our main speaker.

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The WVBA Executive Board will be meeting on Saturday, September 10th. This meeting was not on the schedule shared earlier this year so please be sure to add this to your calendar.

Announcement from WVBA President Paul Cappas 

A warm greeting from the WVBA to all members. We are embarking on a new season with the bees and there is excitement in the air, not to mention rain. The spring rains are following closely on the heels of a mild winter and a late frost, which may be impacting our honey bee health.

I received a call today from our state apiarist, Wade Stiltner, requesting our association get the word out to our members of a statewide CAUTION ALERT. The WV Department of Agriculture has issued this alert to put beekeepers in a watch and inspect mode. The late frost and heavy rains have seriously affected the Poplar bloom, and our bees may be at risk for severe shortages of forage. An especially heavy Autumn Olive flow has stimulated a rapid buildup of brood and production, but Wade states there is little Poplar bloom in any of the areas he is watching.

Increased vigilance by seasoned beekeepers and new beekeepers is advised and a word to the wise is check your bees frequently. This has been the most active swarm season I have ever seen and those colonies and our newly purchased packages and nucs are especially vulnerable. Please talk to your beekeeping friends and club members to spread the word of this CAUTION.

I will sprinkle in some good news while I have your attention. Michael Staddon has accepted the position of part time state apiary inspector. Michael hails from North Central Beekeepers, where he holds the position of president. Michael is a WV Master Beekeeper and lecturer as well. Wade Stiltner has initiated Michael’s training and will continue to supplement that experience throughout our state as opportunities present themselves. Michael is working on the backlog of inspections in our areas of the state and welcomes inquires to his email at .

Many thanks to Commissioner Walt Helmick on this appointment. We look forward to seeing Michael in our apiaries and before our clubs as educator.

Reminder to all clubs that June 4th is the executive board meeting at Waffle Hut in Flatwoods, so please make plans now for a representative to attend.

The purpose of the organization shall be to promote the general interest in the pursuit of bee culture. This is accomplished by promoting awareness about honey bees, their fight for survival, what can be done to aid their survival and the support of beekeepers. This is achieved through Newsletters, Spring and Fall Conferences, involvement with West Virginia Agriculture and Conservation Day at the Legislature activities which promote the honey bee and products of the hive, and far more widely via this website which has the power to reach a global readership. 

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