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       The purpose of the organization shall be to promote the general interest in the pursuit of bee culture. This is accomplished by promoting awareness about honey bees, their fight for survival, what can be done to aid their survival and the support of beekeepers. This is achieved through Newsletters, Spring and Fall Conferences, involvement with West Virginia Agriculture and Conservation Day at the Legislature activities which promote the honey bee and products of the hive, and far more widely via this website which has the power to reach a global readership.


Greetings From Our New President: Paul Cappas

       Greetings to all. I just returned from the Fall Conference in Jackson's Mill. Dr. Thomas Seeley was fantastic speaker and an inspiration to all levels of beekeepers. His love of the honey bee is contagious, and I believe most came away with new vigor in our pursuits of sound stewardship of this marvelous creature.

        I would like to thank everyone for your encouragement and support of our new association officers. I would also like to extend a thank you to Greg, Steve, Angela, and Michael for their years of work and service to our state association. A special thanks for the assistance, and cooperation in this time of transition. Read More



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